GEmonitor installation

Word of warning

This code has not been security proofed. There is an inherent danger to accepting user input which is then used to execute outside scripts. Preventive steps have been taken but there are no guarantees. In particular the view allows users to click on a username and show only that users jobs. Feel free to look through the code and if you feel it is secure I will remove this warning.

This code can be extremely dangerous so I would not place it in unsafe environment especially allowing unrestricted access from the internet.



  1. Download the current GEMonitor tarball e.g. gemonitor-0.3.tar.gz
  2. Place it somewhere in your webserver document root ie. /var/www/html
  3. Untar it with
  4. A directory called gemonitor-0.9 will be created. Rename it to what you want.
  5. Now make sure you have couple PHP PEAR libraries installed. PEAR is a set of PHP libraries similar to Perl's CPAN. You need to have HTML_Common and HTML_Table libraries installed for SGEMonitor to work. To check for its existence type
  6. If successful with 5. go to configuration


To install please renamed sample_config.php to config.php and edit


You are done. Now you can go to these two URLs ie.




Email me if you have any questions comments or contributions