Running CVS from a remote machine using SSH

At my job we have our CVS repository in a NFS mounted share. So when you are at work you following environment variables set ie.
setenv CVSROOT /cvs
Unfortunately on occasion if you want to do work from home you may want to checkout a CVS repository to your local home machine and work on it locally. You could check out the CVS repository onto your machine at work then scp it to your home machine but that is overly complicated. Easier solution is simply do following on your local machine
setenv CVS_RSH ssh
setenv CVSROOT
Then normal cvs commands:
cvs checkout project/Makefile
cvs edit project/Makefile
cvs commit project/Makefile
The local cvs command starts a session with a remote cvs command with one argument, "server". Basically it runs:
ssh -l vuksan cvs server
and then communicates thru stdin/stdout. Please note that each time you try to execute a command it will ask you for a username and password since everything is going through SSH. You can avoid being prompted for a password if you create SSH public/private key pairs. Do a man on ssh and look for authorized_keys2.

Thanks to Hans Mack for finding out this gem :-)